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Benchmark #1 Main Schedule
Benchmark #1 Main Schedule

Parents and Students,
The first benchmark testing of the school year begins Monday, September 19th, and after-school tutoring begins Monday, September 26th. The schedule above shows the date and time for each benchmark test. Help us make sure all students arrive to school on time, well rested, and ready to do their very best. Good luck students!

PTO Board Meeting
PTO Board Meeting

Dear PTO Board Members,

We will be having our PTO Monthly Board Meeting (Parent-Teacher Organization) on Thursday, Sep. 22nd @ 3:30 pm in the library. You are more than welcome to join us to make things better at your school.

Here are the next meeting dates:Sep 22nd, Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th, Jan 12, Feb 9th, Mar 2nd, Apr 13, and May 11th.

Please watch this news time to time in case we change the dates due to some conflicts. Thanks.

Canned Food Drive
Canned Food Drive

~ Homeroom Competition ~
The top 3 homerooms earning the most points
will win a field trip!
1 point – Single Serving Items (Ramen, etc.)
3 points – Cans (corn, beans, etc.)
5 points – Boxes & Bags (cereal, pasta, etc.)
10 points – One Dollar (Provides 5 meals to Oklahomans)

Competencia de Salones ~
Los 3 mejores salones de clases que ganan más puntos
ganará un viaje de campo!
1 puntos – Articulos Individuales (Ramen, etc.)
3 puntos – Latas (elote, frijoles, etc.)
5 puntos - Cajas & bolsas (cereales, pasta, etc.)
10 puntos - 1 Dollar (Proporciona 5 comidas a Oklahomans) read more . . .

Delicious Meals for DSA Students
Delicious Meals for DSA Students

As many educational programs have been affected by state budget cuts for fiscal year 2017, Dove Public Charter Schools (Dove) also faced difficulties, specifically that Oklahoma City Public Schools could no longer provide food services for its two Oklahoma City campuses for the 2016-17 school year.Dove Science Academy OKC is not equipped with kitchens and with only a few weeks before school to find a solution, the problem hung heavy on the hearts of Dove officials who know that for many of their low socio-economic students, school meals are the only well-balanced meals they’ll receive in a day. Dove Superintendent Umit Alp said although it was difficult, his staff worked tirelessly to find a new catering company because for him the bottom line was that over 800 students would receive breakfast and lunch the first day of school and onward no matter what. Dove had to get creative and rely on the goodwill of fellow Oklahoma City schools. Neighbors to Dove, Harding Charter Preparatory High School, 3333 N. Shartel Ave., and Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy, 3806 N. Prospect Ave., both agreed to let Keystone Foodservice prepare meals in their kitchens before transporting them to each of Dove’s school sites. Sharing a building with Harding Fine Arts Academy, Harding Charter already serves four lunches a day to over 900 students while Seeworth Academy serves over 400 students, but when asked to add complication to their lives, no one hesitated. “We are so grateful to have friends in town like Harding Charter Prep and Seeworth South,” Alp said. “We are currently building a kitchen at our high school location but until it’s complete, we are so proud to work with these selfless schools.”
We are very thankful to Harding Charter Prep and Seeworth Academy for their sacrifice.

SchoolWay Mobile App
SchoolWay Mobile App

Dove Science Academy has contracted with SchoolWay to increase instant parental communication.You will have an access to your child's grades, attendance, schedule, homework, and assessment data. You will also receive instant notifications regarding emergencies (such as school closings), get school event updates, club information and other event details right at your fingertips.

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